• Production of Photopolymer plates

    As the only company in the Czech Republic to offer Full HD Flexo services, our use of the most sophisticated software and technology on the market and the uncanny ability to provide consultation services for complex solutions in the packaging industry, ranks us among the best in the industry.

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Czech flexo printing plate specialist DAVEX first made their first appearance on the market in 1993 and in 1997, DAVEX-CZ s.r.o. was officially established in Zlin. The main focus was on the production of photopolymer plates used for the printing of quality packaging materials and in the years to follow, DAVEX continues to upgrade technology to increase overall production quality. The introduction of the Full HD Flexo and the latest software raised the bar for quality plate making and ensures that our clients’ receive the best possible quality products.

Our company’s core values are based on providing expert and professional services and products maintaining the highest possible quality to ensure that our clients receive only the best there is to offer. We use a broad range of the most sophisticated hardware and software, the latest cutting-edge technology and a team of meticulously trained professionals.

Equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice on all aspects of package printing, we offer a complete service from graphic design to the final production of packaging material for various kinds of goods.


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Organizational unit with foreign participation.


DAVEX – CZ , spol. s r.o was officially established, starting out with four employees based in Napajedla saw the first installation of equipment for the production of photopolymer plates and the establishment of our graphic studio.


2005 was a year of big changes for DAVEX- CZ! We purchased property in Zlin and bought our new laser CTP machine HELL, making us the first company in the Czech Republic with this kind of technology for the production of FTL plates using a vacuum and magnetic drum.