The company DAVEX – CZ spol. s ro was established in Zlín in 1997 and since its inception has been involved in the production of photopolymer plates, which are used for printing packaging materials through flexographic printing. NOW new with ESKO CRYSTAL technology.

The values of our company are based on providing professional products and services of the highest quality with the aim of offering our clients the best on the market. For production, we use the most modern software, top technologies and a carefully trained team of professionals.

We also provide expert advice in the field of packaging printing. If you are interested, we can also provide a complete service from graphic design to the actual production of final packaging for all types of food.





DAVEX organizational component with foreign participation established.


Foundation of the company DAVEX – CZ, spol. s ro with a focus on the production of photopolymer lenses and the establishment of a graphic studio. The company started with four employees and its seat in Napajedla.


In 2005, we moved from Napajedel to new premises in Zlín. Here we purchased a new HELL laser CTP machine and were thus the only company in the Czech Republic that had the technology for the production of photopolymer plates with both a vacuum and a magnetic cylinder.


For us, 2014 meant investments in technological innovations. The CDI SPARK INLINE UV FULL HD Flexo machine has opened up a wide range of possibilities to provide the highest quality print preparation for our customers. The graphics studio has also undergone innovation with the installation of new graphic software, RIP and certified proofing equipment.


KONGSBERG cutting plotter was purchased in 2018 . We were now able to offer customers precisely cut photopolymer stamps that can be used immediately in the printing machine without any further intervention.


The year 2021 was revolutionary for our company. The production line was completely renovated by purchasing new ESKO CRYSTAL technology and a washing unit VIANORD. Investment in the most modern technologies has rapidly increased the quality of our products and brought much higher competitiveness on the global market.